Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stenciling and Solitude

Here's a sample of a stenciling project I did today - I created a stencil from freezer paper, then painted textile paint over it, peeled it off, and created this! It's just a little demo to make sure I understood how the project works. I intend to teach this as part of Art Camp this summer at the library! I also think it's possibly one of the most fun things I've done in ages, and thus, will be buying myself a whole set of textile paint to add to my artmaking supplies.

Lately I've done more writing than artmaking (though I did finish a few drawings and started an embroidery piece this weekend), so I thought that perhaps I'd begin to share some of my poetry here too. Why not? My life does not fit neatly into categories, thus I will not attempt to categorize. Hopefully it still makes for interesting reading.


I love solitude in the sunshine
Or under a blanket of rain
Breathing in gray fog and hot steam
Sucking java on ice through a striped straw

My crisp shadow creates art beneath me
My world keeps me company, speaking to me
Over ceiling speakers and pedestrian laughter
Horns honking and human irritation,
Soaring out of SUVs and two-door hybrids

Employees sass and harass
Sweeping their minimum-wage drama
Up with the remnants of my neighbor's lunch

Tuesday is a good day for reggae and indie rock
And I love to be alone.