Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wildflower on a Sunny Day in August, 2010

My stuff has gotten out of hand. My crates and boxes of art supplies, my piles of books, my interests... my web presence even! It's all disorganized. Part of me wants to continue operating out of chaos as if it's more authentic, as if having things scattered here and there and heaps of unfinished projects is the consequence of being a Creative. But it's becoming unmanageable. I can't think straight, I have to remember where things are and sometimes who I am. Things are not correctly cataloged or interconnected, my life feels fragmented. I have this intrinsic attraction to order, and I am torn between wanting all of my ducks in a row and enjoying the explosion of a life intentionally lived.

So, maybe it's time to simplify. Rather than organize and connect, maybe I need to pair down and consolidate. Step one, make a list of all my collections, all the aspects of my identity and profession. Step two, list ways to simplify each of these things. Step three, start simplifying. Step four, consolidate. Step five, create connections. Step six, maintain.