Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three Things & Summer Photography

Digital Photograph - Abandoned House & The Sunset - Summer 2009
I have an idea. Here it is:

How many times do we say "I wish I did..." or "I wish I didn't..." when we consider our habits, health, and hobbies? I'm sure this has been pitched elsewhere, but I'd like to challenge myself with the following.

Every three months (take a calendar and pick your four, consider your work and school schedule and average your levels of business) one ought to deliberately instigate self growth by intentionally evaluating and changing ones behaviors. At the end of the three moths, we sit down and consider how it went. We may choose to continue the behavior sporadically, thus leaving it off the next list, or perhaps we'll see that this new habit is yet undeveloped and ought to be added to our 'to continue' list. This should not be about limiting oneself or creating unnecessary obligations. It ought to be about cultivating healthy living and providing a structure for our creativity, it's about freeing ourselves to be ourselves, rather than continuing on as a collective of adopted influences and ideas. It is said "act your way into right thinking," thus this is that I propose:

Pick three things to start doing:

Pick three things to quit doing:

Pick three things to continue/resume doing:

Post these up someplace accessible, make multiple copies, remind yourself daily, and pray for the strength and willingness to follow through. Here's what I'm thinking for right now:

Start doing:
1. Writing 700 words or more per day.
2. Start enunciating and being intentionally articulate.
3. Do one significant cleaning chore per day.

Continue Doing:
1. Continue connecting with people of Facebook.
2. Continue developing friendships made this spring.
3. Continue to meditate.

Stop doing:
1. Stop cursing.
2. Leaving projects, books, and items around the house.
3. Spending more than three hours/day on my computer.

Digital Photograph - Coneflower - Summer 2009

Digital Photograph - Bumblebee & Wildflower - Summer 2009