Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art Camp!

I've been working on creating a better over-all personal brand for myself as I venture forth on my quest to grow my career, and part of what is required to create this "personal" brand is getting all my ducks in a row. This means writing more, making art and documenting art more consistently, and so on. In my last post, I shared a poem and a demo I did for an upcoming art day camp I am teaching at the library. Here are two more demo pieces that will serve as examples for the kids when I explain the projects we will make!

This piece is a relief print (foam and easy carving tools) which was drawn over with india ink drawing pens. Then cut paper pieces and tissue paper were used for the textured flowers. Finally, a few pieces of fabric cut in organic shapes were scattered about to create a fuller garden feel. I think I will have the kids use chalk pastels instead of crayons to create an impressionistic background over top of the print and inked portions!

This is from a project I found on the creative blog At Second Street -- here's the post with this project. I subscribe to loads of arts and crafts blogs, my reader is stuffed full of amazing projects to try! I am so excited to see what the kids come up with this August.