Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moooore Fibers!

So I took this class in "Fibers" -- basically a part paper making class, part surface design class. (My sister is listening to the hamster dance song on her cell phone as I write this, FYI) Here are some experiments and final projects. Enjoy:

If you dip fabric in soda (like the chemical) and you smash flowers on it, and then you iron it, it stays permanent and dyes the fabric like this! Lots of smahing.
I did some really lame pulp painting (I just did NOT get the pigment to fiber to water mixture right, and ended up with very translucent pulp. This piece came out the best in terms of color (browns, beiges, and blues). I then painted over it with textured medium and acryllics, did some papercutting, ink drawings, paper transfers, and modgepodged different elements all about. There's even some ink dyed cloth! Joy!

Marigold paper close-up
Marigold paper in the sun. How lovely.
Oooh now THIS is pure joy. I made this paper by tearing up all the dead lilly leaves in my garden. I proceded to dry them for a few weeks, cook them for a day, rinse them, blend them, and syphon them out to what you see here-- sheets of fine paper. It is slightly brittle, but not terrible. It would be very nice if mixed with cotton pulp.