Sunday, August 30, 2009

Assorted Doodles

I left my prep sketch for this at my Grandpa's house right next to his easy chair. Now, Grandpa is sometimes a little forgetful (he has medication and illness related dementia), so when he saw it again recently he said to my grandma: "Who drew this? This is very good!" and she answered that it was my drawing. "Ooooh she is so good! She's getting to be really excellent. In fact, this is *almost* better than what I can do (he is an oldschool arcitecht and an artist)." Repeat this about 5 times every hour, and Grandma begins to get a little sick of hearing how awesome I am. She called to tell me this, and I felt sorry that I wasn't there. Who wouldn't love some (hyper) frequent praise? Anyway, I thought it was very sweet of her to say so, and I felt very honored to be so well liked by my very critical grandfather.

This gem is inspired by a friend of mine who loves to bike. It was drawn just this last weekend! 8/22/2009 -- It is my first serious drawing in a long time, but only took a few hours. See if you can identify the foliage. I used source photos and everything. It was a lot of fun.

A random doodle from my notebook that I cary about everywhere.
A doodle for the gnome print I did a long time ago (you can see an example in one of my very first posts). The doodle is better than the print, by far.
I forgot to lighten this up in photoshop, but oh well. Here is an example of a very well done drawing of a volcano. I love implied texture, and have a thing for indian miniatures, persian paintings, and anything with teeny tiny detail -- so that was my inspiration, I am always doing these things on my notebook just to practice patterns and textures. :) I especially love the volcano smoke.